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So you may know that I’ve spoken before about digital comics piracy, and the need for an iTunes-like solution if we’re to avoid the same fate as the music industry.

What you don’t know is that for the past year or so I’ve been advising the makers of Longbox, a digital comics reader and store that intends to be that solution.

Rantz Hoseley, comics creator/editor and Quicksilver Software head honcho, unveiled Longbox at Heroes Con this past weekend. Comic Book Resources has a lengthy write-up, and iFanboy has also weighed in with a thoughtful piece.

For the record, my part in the process was small, I wasn’t paid, and I have no financial or legal involvement whatsoever with Quicksilver Software. But I sincerely believe this is the way of the future, and I’m heartened that someone is finally taking it seriously.


This year’s Oni Press talent search is now underway. If you’re an artist trying to break in to comics, you should know that this is for real; the previous iteration in 2006 led directly to both Joe Infurnari and Mike Holmes getting their start in the industry.

Once again, I’ve contributed a sample script — this time it’s the first five pages of THE COLDEST CITY, an espionage thriller I’m currently writing [UPDATE: And which is now available]. I make no promises that drawing my script will get you a job on the finished book, of course! On the other hand, it was Joe Infurnari’s excellent rendering of my script last time around that led to him drawing a WASTELAND interlude issue, so you never know.

Just so there’s no confusion, you should know that I, and the other contributing writers, are not the judges here. That’s entirely the domain of Oni’s editorial staff. We just provide the scripts for you to draw. With that in mind, it’s pointless me trying to give any advice, or tell you how to “succeed” at this. Just do what you do, and do it well.

That said, there is one way I can guarantee you won’t succeed, and that’s by ignoring the rules. Don’t try to be a smartass and ignore them, thinking that your talent will get you through regardless. It won’t. Talent and the ability to follow submission guidelines, on the other hand, will get you far.

Good luck!


WASTELAND BOOK 04: DOG TRIBE goes on sale today. Collecting issues #21-24, this volume tells the story of how Michael and Abi’s quest for A-Ree-Yass-I is almost stopped before it starts, as they find themselves caught between two rival Dog Tribes fighting for supremacy.

The ISBN is 978-1934964170, and for comic stores the Diamond order code is APR090964.

In other WASTELAND news, the double-sized, full colour anniversary issue #25 goes on sale next week, the 24th June. That’s a fair bit later than we solicited for, and no-one is more embarrassed about that than me, but I promise you it’s worth the wait. Chris’ painted art is gorgeous, and even seven months after I wrote it, I’m still pretty pleased with the story. [ADDENDUM: I’ve just been told it’s likely to actually be the week after, owing to distribution delays. Sigh.]

You can read an interview with us about WASTELAND #25, and see an exclusive 13-page (!) preview, at Comic Book Resources.

You may also have noticed a couple of recent additions to the Coming Soon sidebar, over there on the right; DEAD SPACE: EXTRACTION goes on sale, exclusively for the Wii, in September. Before that, though, you’ll be able to get your hands on the EXTRACTION comic, a one-shot issue that ties in with both EXTRACTION and the original DEAD SPACE game, once again featuring the inestimable Ben Templesmith on art duties.

And finally, the new comics blog Exquisite Things asked me to contribute to their Simple Headphone Mind section, wherein creators reveal what music they’ve been listening to recently. No surprises there for anyone familiar with my page, but fun nevertheless.

(Blog founder Matthew Dick is also part of UK noisemeisters Analysis of Bison Kills, by the way, and if you’re into a bit of grind and doom you should check them out. Because they’re brilliant.)



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