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So. That was 2009, then.

This year has been one of stop-start motion for me, with a fairly relaxed summer sandwiched between two bursts of manic activity.

I spent nearly all of January and February writing the script for DEAD SPACE: EXTRACTION, which of course I wasn’t allowed to talk about. If you think that seems like a long time to spend writing a videogame, you clearly haven’t played it.

Unfortunately, the schedule of work and voice recording (VO) sessions for the game meant I had to pull out of attending NYCC. This was doubly frustrating, because I couldn’t explain why I was unable to attend; then, immediately after the con finished, the organisers announced the next one wouldn’t be until fall 2010. Grrr.

When I could snatch a spare moment, I was also working on the second half of WOLVERINE: PRODIGAL SON, Vol 2.

In March, I was finally allowed to announced my work for EXTRACTION, at the same time as I was actually down in London attending the VO sessions. Also simultaneously, the New York Times finally introduced bestseller lists for graphic novels, and to my pleasant surprise, THE COURTYARD was on the inaugural list. I then finished the second volume of WOLVERINE: PRODIGAL SON, and to top off a generally good month I was interviewed on Kerrang! Radio, which put a big smile on this old metalhead’s face.

April saw the launch of WOLVERINE: PRODIGAL SON Vol 1, a London press event for EXTRACTION, and the purchase of a shiny new Mac. Behind the scenes, I was writing WASTELAND and the DEAD SPACE: EXTRACTION one-shot comic.

May was pretty quiet. I wrote some more WASTELAND and composed a new song, the eight-minute Carpenter-esque epic Inelisia, for the book’s original soundtrack. I suddenly realised that the next few months were going to be pretty quiet, and I was determined to use that time for something I hadn’t had chance to do while beavering away on all the DEAD SPACE stuff…

…So June found me commencing work on THE COLDEST CITY, a book I’d been meaning to write ever since my stint on QUEEN & COUNTRY. I also allowed Oni to use the first few pages of it for their semi-regular talent search, and digital comics solution Longbox was announced to the world. Finally, I produced a scriptbook, to be sold as a con exclusive.

THE COLDEST CITY kept me busy throughout July, apart from the usual pilgrimage to San Diego at the end of the month. I spent most of the con promoting WASTELAND; the full colour issue #25 was released earlier in the month, and the first Apocalyptic Edition hardcover premiered at the show in a limited edition.

August was blazing hot here in Blighty, and I matched the heat with a furious run through the last stretch of THE COLDEST CITY. The 180pp Zero Draft clocked in at twenty-six working days, in between bouts of writing WASTELAND, which is undoubtedly some kind of record for me.

In September, the graphic novel of SKELETON KEY went on sale at last, as did the DEAD SPACE: EXTRACTION one-shot, and then the game itself later in the month. Behind the scenes, it was all a bit quiet as I spent most of the time revising THE COLDEST CITY and catching up on odd bits and bobs that had built up during summer…

…Which was just as well, because suddenly in October it all got rather busy again when my old friend Andy Diggle asked me to co-write an issue of DARK REIGN: HAWKEYE, and an arc of DAREDEVIL. We spent a large chunk of MCM Expo discussing our plans, all the while being careful to stay out of Rich Johnston‘s earshot — sorry, Rich.

So November was dedicated almost exclusively to those two books, although I did find time to pitch for another videogame. Watch this space, and all that. The other big news was the formal announcement of THE COLDEST CITY as an Oni Press book, and I attended Thought Bubble, which was awesome as always.

And now here we are in December, where I’ve been doing yet more work on WASTELAND and DAREDEVIL, and have another couple of Sooper Seekrit gigs on the go. I need to hit the ground running in January, so don’t be too surprised to see more surprise announcements… in between long periods of silence as I get my nose firmly ensconced in the grindstone.

Happy holidays, everyone. Let’s do it all again in 2010.



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