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Hello. I'm Antony Johnston, and I write comics, graphic novels, and videogames.
I also make podcasts and music for fun.
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A day late owing to labor day in the US, and as predicted last week, two of my books are now on sale.

First is DAREDEVIL #510, by Andy Diggle and myself:

As New York City crumbles under the weight of Matt Murdock’s new order, his former friends and allies struggle just to hold their lives and world together. But as the pressure builds, Foggy Nelson will make an alliance no one saw coming — while Black Tarantula takes a stand against Daredevil… and learns the consequences of crossing the Man without Fear.

Order code is JUL100568. You can read a preview here.

And next is the second issue of SHADOWLAND: BLOOD ON THE STREETS, the critically-acclaimed tie-in series.

Silver Sable… Paladin… Misty Knight… The Shroud! Four very different heroes, all ensnared in a mystery spinning out of Shadowland! Is Daredevil using The Hand to kill mobsters untouchable by the law? Or is something even more sinister spreading throughout the city? Each hero approaches the puzzle from a different angle, and now they must race to discover the truth… but The Hand has other ideas, and time is running out! Can this quartet of strange bedfellows put their differences aside and come together before death strikes again?

Order code is JUL100572. You can read a preview here.

And don’t forget that if you missed BOTS #1 (because it sold out), there’s a second printing on its way next week, order code JUL108023.



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