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You may recall I attended GDC Online, the Game Developer’s Conference in Austin, last month. I was invited to talk about working in both comics and games, in front of a crowd of working games writers — which frankly scared the bejeezus out of me, but I’d been considering attending anyway, so I figured what the hell.

The talk I gave was called Comics to Consoles, dealing with the similarities (and differences) between both media; where games can learn from comics; and how writing comics can help you develop skills useful for writing games.

It went down quite well, I managed to not make a complete arse of myself, and that was that. I knew they were video recording all the talks, but I also knew the video archive would only be available to view by registered attendees…

…Until now. In their infinite wisdom, GDC have decided to make a select few talks available for free viewing, by anyone. Including mine. I find this both awesome, and slightly terrifying.

Click here to watch me babble along at a mile a minute (Warning: requires Flash, it’s an hour long, and you really need to watch the slides too for full effect).



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