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WASTELAND #32 goes on sale this week. This is an interlude issue, featuring art from my esteemed collaborator on JULIUS (and Eisner nominee) Brett Weldele, and a story that wraps up two loose ends in one go…

Standalone issue featuring Eisner nominated guest artist Brett Weldele (SURROGATES, JULIUS, SOUTHLAND TALES)! After the Dweller attack, Sultan Ameer’s caravan left behind a field of corpses. But one of them wasn’t dead. Now former slave Rechyll must learn to survive as a free woman — and her unlikely teacher is a familiar-looking Sun-Singer…

This is also the last issue to feature Ben Templesmith‘s lovely covers. We’ve been very fortunate to have Ben on board since the start of WASTELAND, and we’ll miss him. But the silver lining is that original series artist Chris Mitten is taking over covers from #33, and already doing great work. Just when he thought he was out, we pull him back in…!

The order code for this issue is SEP111194, and you can read a 6-page preview at Comic Book Resources.


Thought Bubble is over for another year, and once again I had a great time. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, and to everyone who helped me raise money for Movember. The final tally is £120. Woo!

The Saturday night party was epic, as ever, and my DJ set garnered some, shall we say, strong reactions… To the dozen people who got what I was doing and banged their heads, I thank you. And so, as promised, here’s my short-but-sweet setlist, which I call “Hardcovers”.

Get the Party Started Zebrahead
Small Town Boy Paradise Lost
Love Will Tear Us Apart Flowing Tears
Fade to Grey Atrocity
I Kissed a Girl (Power Metal Version) Katy Perry vs Andy Xiong
Lucretia My Reflection Warrel Dane
Disco Inferno Ten Masked Men
Policy of Truth Disown
Dancing Queen Glow
Confide In Me Angtoria

Later, Kieron Gillen and I tag-teamed our way through a short set to finish off the night, and closed the place down. Here’s what I played during that section:

I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor Almighty vs Belle Lawrence
Echo Beach Gabriella Cilmi
Smooth Criminal Alien Ant Farm
Electricity Apoptygma Berzerk

…And I look forward to seeing the photos you were all taking during the last song of the night. You know which ones I mean.


WASTELAND Book 06, “The Enemy Within”, goes on sale today. This collects issues #26-31, the most recent story arc, which is of course the one that was horribly delayed over the past eighteen months. But here it is at last, and now we can get back on track. Here’s the solicit:

After the Sand-Eater attack, the city of Newbegin is in turmoil as the Sunner rebellion gathers strength and Marcus seems to lose interest in the council. Follow the next six months through the eyes of Jakob, Skot, Yan, Dexus and Golden Voice, with a chapter dedicated to each point of view in this latest collection of the series that Comics Should Be Good called, “A masterpiece”!

This arc was somewhat of an experiment, with each chapter covering the same period of time in Newbegin, but through a different character’s eyes — including Yan, who has never been a POV character up till now. I’m very pleased with how it all came out.

If your store doesn’t have the book in stock, you can order it with the comic store code AUG111159, or you can find it through a book store with the ISBN 978-1934964309.

More Thought Bubble details

As mentioned in the previous post, I’ll be at Thought Bubble in Leeds again this year. The convention has grown so much, and so quickly, that this is the first year it’s being held over two days, both Saturday and Sunday. Success that’s well-deserved, I’m sure everyone would agree.

As previously noted, my table is #34 in Saviles Hall (that’s the same hall as previous years, if you’re a regular). Turns out I’m at the back-right of the hall, on a row with Emma Vieceli, Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Adam Hughes and Jeff Lemire. That’s one hell of a line-up, and should at the very least ensure people can find me — just look for the enormous Adam Hughes line, and the rest of us will be hidden somewhere behind it…!

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the first Thought Bubble Anthology while you’re there, and remember that I’ll be donating 20% of my takings to Movember. Of course, if you want to make a separate donation, just click the ‘tache over there on the right…


There’s a new interview with me at Comic Book Resources, talking about WASTELAND. Think of it as an adjunct to the previous press release concerning the $1 issue, new schedule, and so on. This interview goes into more detail on the whys and wherefores, and gives some hints as to what’s coming up in the future. Worth reading.

Next weekend, November 19-20, I’ll be at the Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds. I’ll have a table throughout the weekend — #34, in Saviles Hall — and will be donating 20% of all takings to Movember, which I’m taking part in this year. (Warning: link contains dodgy moustache pics.)

I’m also on a panel, “The Best Thing I’ve Read All Year” with Kieron Gillen, Paul Cornell and doubtless whoever else we can drag up on stage. That’s 1pm Sunday @ Bury Theater.

Don’t forget you can also pick up a copy of the Thought Bubble Anthology at the show.

Oh, and if you’re attending the Saturday night party, bring your earplugs because I’m also DJing there. And I have a very special setlist lined up. Muahahahaha, etc.


So that big news I promised a while back has finally hit.

WASTELAND issue #33 will begin a new era for the series, as detailed on the Oni Press blog:

WASTELAND #33 hits store shelves on January 18th with a brand new arc, brand new artist and covers, and a special retail price of $1.

And, more to the point, with a new monthly schedule. I mentioned already that Justin Greenwood has been beavering away on art duties since last year, and I’m well ahead on scripts — in fact I finished writing #38, the last issue in this next story arc, months ago — so that we can avoid any more horrible delays like we’ve suffered over the past eighteen months. Justin has been awesome throughout, and is turning in some of his best work ever.

(Plus, I believe there are plans to accelerate the digital issue releases on Comixology, but I don’t know the details yet.)

Also as mentioned before, Chris Mitten is taking over covers. While this is awesome, it means we wave a sad, but fond, farewell to Ben Templesmith with issue #32 (out later this month). Ben has been a real trooper since the start of the book, fitting in cover paintings even as his career and increasingly peripatetic lifestyle exploded. We’ll miss him.

So, once again in summary: new monthly schedule, new story arc, new artist, new covers, only $1.

Read more (including my own hand-wringing apologies) and see previews of Justin’s fantastic art at the Oni Press blog.



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