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WASTELAND Book 06, “The Enemy Within”, goes on sale today. This collects issues #26-31, the most recent story arc, which is of course the one that was horribly delayed over the past eighteen months. But here it is at last, and now we can get back on track. Here’s the solicit:

After the Sand-Eater attack, the city of Newbegin is in turmoil as the Sunner rebellion gathers strength and Marcus seems to lose interest in the council. Follow the next six months through the eyes of Jakob, Skot, Yan, Dexus and Golden Voice, with a chapter dedicated to each point of view in this latest collection of the series that Comics Should Be Good called, “A masterpiece”!

This arc was somewhat of an experiment, with each chapter covering the same period of time in Newbegin, but through a different character’s eyes — including Yan, who has never been a POV character up till now. I’m very pleased with how it all came out.

If your store doesn’t have the book in stock, you can order it with the comic store code AUG111159, or you can find it through a book store with the ISBN 978-1934964309.

More Thought Bubble details

As mentioned in the previous post, I’ll be at Thought Bubble in Leeds again this year. The convention has grown so much, and so quickly, that this is the first year it’s being held over two days, both Saturday and Sunday. Success that’s well-deserved, I’m sure everyone would agree.

As previously noted, my table is #34 in Saviles Hall (that’s the same hall as previous years, if you’re a regular). Turns out I’m at the back-right of the hall, on a row with Emma Vieceli, Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Adam Hughes and Jeff Lemire. That’s one hell of a line-up, and should at the very least ensure people can find me — just look for the enormous Adam Hughes line, and the rest of us will be hidden somewhere behind it…!

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the first Thought Bubble Anthology while you’re there, and remember that I’ll be donating 20% of my takings to Movember. Of course, if you want to make a separate donation, just click the ‘tache over there on the right…



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