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WASTELAND #32 goes on sale this week. This is an interlude issue, featuring art from my esteemed collaborator on JULIUS (and Eisner nominee) Brett Weldele, and a story that wraps up two loose ends in one go…

Standalone issue featuring Eisner nominated guest artist Brett Weldele (SURROGATES, JULIUS, SOUTHLAND TALES)! After the Dweller attack, Sultan Ameer’s caravan left behind a field of corpses. But one of them wasn’t dead. Now former slave Rechyll must learn to survive as a free woman — and her unlikely teacher is a familiar-looking Sun-Singer…

This is also the last issue to feature Ben Templesmith‘s lovely covers. We’ve been very fortunate to have Ben on board since the start of WASTELAND, and we’ll miss him. But the silver lining is that original series artist Chris Mitten is taking over covers from #33, and already doing great work. Just when he thought he was out, we pull him back in…!

The order code for this issue is SEP111194, and you can read a 6-page preview at Comic Book Resources.



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