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Issue #33 of WASTELAND goes on sale tomorrow.

This issue kicks off a new story arc, “Under The God”, where we rejoin Michael, Abi and Gerr as they make their way to A-Ree-Yass-I. On the way they stumble upon the pilgrimage town of Godsholm, devoted to an archaic religion…

This is also where we say hello to new artist Justin Greenwood, best known for his sterling work on Marc Guggenheim’s RESURRECTION. Justin has been previewing his design sketches for this story arc since December, and you can now see them all on his work blog.

We also have a “new” cover artist in the form of series co-creator Christopher Mitten! I have to say, it’s great to have Chris involved with the book again, and when you see the covers we’ve got coming up I think you’ll agree.

As always with a new issue, the official site will be updated tomorrow with all the info; and, because this is a new arc, we’ll also release a new song for the Official Soundtrack. This one’s entitled “March of the Sand-Eaters”, a pleasant little ditty (*cough*) that makes full use of the Boss HM-2 I recently scored on eBay…

So, here’s the issue solicit:

Michael and Abi continue their journey West, through the wasteland — with the assassin Gerr secretly at their side. But after a mysterious midnight encounter in the desert, they reach the Cross Chains town of Godsholm… and Michael finds himself on the wrong side of the devout!

And to get the arc off to a flying start, this issue is only $1. As Justin from Thirteen Minutes suggests, why not buy three, give two away, and still come out a dollar less than regular price? <Insert smiley here>

The order code is NOV111062, and you can read a 6-page preview at Comic Book Resources.



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