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Crikey, it’s all happening this week: now EAGLE STRIKE, the fourth Alex Rider graphic novel, is on sale.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t mention this in advance, well, I didn’t actually know the exact release date, only that it was “coming soon”.

I also wasn’t allowed to spoiler the lovely new cover design and trade dress (see right), which matches the equally fetching design of the original novels’ new editions. I’m delighted the design is finally out there, though, as I really do love it.

Once again, Kanako and Yuzuru supply their brand of outstanding full-action artwork, and the whole thing is rather gorgeous. The ISBN is 978-1406318777, if you want to order a copy, and EAGLE STRIKE is available now from all good booksellers.

As for more Alex Rider graphic novels…? Well, now, that’s an interesting question — but like any good spy, my lips are sealed.



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