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I’m smack in the middle of a whole bunch of projects, so a couple of quick notes before I dash off:

— If nominative determinism was real, “Alex Zalben” would stockpile nuclear weapons in his Pacific island volcano base while MI6 sent dashing but worryingly misogynistic agents to neutralise him.

Alas, such aptonymic fate is bullshit fodder for the tabloids. So instead Alex writes for MTV Geek, where he does equally exciting and world-threatening things like interview Wellinton Alves and I about DAREDEVIL: SEASON ONE. Contains some previously-unseen and very lovely artwork from the book, by the way.

DEAD SPACE iOS (which is now also available for Blackberry and Android, so I guess it should from hereon be plain “DEAD SPACE Mobile”) has been nominated for Best Mobile Game in the 2011 Golden Joystick Awards. Voting is open to the public, hint hint.


Couple more interviews about THE DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU for you to read; the first is at Newsarama, which is perfectly normal, and features an exclusive announcement of mine and Seba’s next book together!*

The second, a little more unusual (and a lot more exhaustive) is at Iron Fist Fan, because of Iron Fist’s involvement in this series. I’ll be honest, I certainly didn’t expect that.

Finally, some minor game news. You may recall I mentioned that I spent some of April writing lines for a sports fitness game. Well, it’s finally been announced; a console version of Adidas MiCoach, a formerly mobile-only regime in which real athletes instruct you through runs and workouts. I can’t give any further details at present, but suffice to say you’ll understand more when I can reveal whose lines I wrote…

*No actual news of future books, bushy-tailed or otherwise, is implied or should be inferred. By reading this disclaimer, you are now unable to avoid thinking of squirrels.


Finally, the news on my next Marvel series is out: I’m writing a three-part Shang-Chi series, THE DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU, tying into the big Spider-Island event this summer.

It’s a martial arts gothic mystery, and so I couldn’t ask for a better artist; Sebasti├ín Fiumara, whom some of you will remember from his incredible work on our adaptation of Alan Moore’s THE HYPOTHETICAL LIZARD. Seba and I kept in touch, hoping to work together again, and now here we are. At Marvel, doing a kung fu action book.

Funny how things turn out.

Anyway, I believe DEADLY HANDS #1 launches in August, so I’ll post again when I have pre-order details. For now, if you want to read more about the series (and why Iron Fist and the Bride of Nine Spiders are on the cover!) then go read this interview at CBR.


Good lord, but that’s a terrible pun. Anyway.

— Phil Lunt interviewed me for issue #134 of Hub Magazine, a free SF zine that also features new fiction. it’s a good, long interview, and you can download the PDF here.

— Phil Hampton, meanwhile, has set up The Comic Academy, aimed at helping aspiring comic creators get into the industry. Part of that consists of a number of interviews with pros, talking about how they broke in to comics; what advice they have for people starting out; tips, tricks, insights, all the usual malarky. And, yes, I’m one of the pros featured.

Now, they’re running a special launch offer. If you go to the “Telesummit” page, you can either pay a fee to get unlimited access to all the Academy’s materials now and forever… or you can just sign up and wait a little while, because each of the interviews (including mine) will soon be made available for free, but only for a certain amount of time (48 hours, I think). Mine goes live on February 28th.

That link to the “Telesummit” page, by the way, is an affiliate link; if you use it to reach the site, then place an order, a certain amount of the fee is divvied up and ostensibly given to me.

I say ostensibly, because I’ve requested that the Academy takes anything due to me and gives it to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund instead. So not only are you getting something for your cash, but you’re also helping fund a very important charity. Everybody wins, as they say.


Issue #30 of WASTELAND goes on sale this week. This is where the tale of Golden Voice’s true role in the Newbegin rebellion is told, and unlike the other issues in this arc, it’s a two-part story, ending in #31. Here’s the solicit text:

The “Enemy Within” story arc continues! Our focus turns at last to Golden Voice — renowned Sun-Singer and holy man, turned violent revolutionary! Marcus’ decision to conscript Sunners into the city Watch forces Golden Voice’s hand, and even his own people aren’t sure about his new tactics. Can he bring them to freedom? Or is the rebellion doomed?

…Which says it all, really. You can’t miss this one.

The order code is SEP101093, and it’s on sale from good comic stores everywhere. There’s a 5-page preview here.

In other news, Christine from the excellent DAREDEVIL fan site The Other Murdock Papers recently interviewed me about DD, fandom, and working for Marvel. The first part is now live, and you can read it here.


I was interviewed recently by Aron and Paulie of, quelle surprise, Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie. We talked about DAREDEVIL, BLOOD ON THE STREETS, WASTELAND, DEAD SPACE, and even chatted a little about the articles for writers I have up here on the site, and why I felt compelled to write them.

All good stuff: you can listen to it here.


No funny headline pun, this time — I was interviewed last week by the team at the Speak of the Devil podcast, a DAREDEVIL-focused show from some of the guys (and ardent DD fans!) behind Legion of Dudes.

We talked about everything from DD to SHADOWLAND: BLOOD ON THE STREETS, WASTELAND, DEAD SPACE, even the differences between creator- and company-owned books, and generally had a very enjoyable chat.

You can get it on iTunes, or download it directly from the Legion of Dudes website.


Issue #1 of SHADOWLAND: BLOOD ON THE STREETS goes on sale next month.

Now, Comic Book Resources takes a look at the series’ four major players — Silver Sable, Misty Knight, Paladin and The Shroud — from the perspective of the NYPD’s Lt Rafe Scarfe, as part of their ongoing Shadowland feature The Unusual Suspects.

Remember, books like this live and die by pre-orders and advance interest. If you want to read BLOOD ON THE STREETS, if you want to make sure your retailer has copies, if you want to support these characters and increase the chances of them showing up again… please tell your retailer that you want the series, and even pre-order it if you’re able. The order code for issue #1 is JUN100581.


Quick round-up:

  • There’s a new interview with me over at Comic Book Movie, talking about a possible DAREDEVIL movie reboot, my opinion on some of the casting speculation for it, and the possibility of a WASTELAND movie.
  • Speaking of WASTELAND, issue #28 goes on sale today in North America (tomorrow in Europe, assuming that bloody volcanic ash cloud isn’t still screwing things up). Don’t forget to check out the official WASTELAND website for all the latest news, to catch up on the Walking The Dust archives, or just download some groovy iPhone wallpaper.
  • Finally, collared me for their Tuesday Q&A to talk about DAREDEVIL, the recently-announced DD event SHADOWLAND, and next month’s one-shot DAREDEVIL: CAGE MATCH.

    Two new interviews with me, now available for your reading pleasure:

    Comic Book Resources asked me about DAREDEVIL, working with Andy Diggle, and my upcoming DD one-shot Cage Match.

    — Meanwhile, Forces of Geek had me up for their 5 Questions feature, talking about influences, pop culture, and comics to movies.



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