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WOLVERINE: PRODIGAL SON, which was already selected for the Texas Library Association’s 2010 Maverick Graphic Novels list, has now also been picked as one of the twenty books in their Graphic Novels Brochure Grades 6-12 (and all of them are excellent choices for teen readers, by the way).

I’m honoured, of course, but it’s such a shame readers will never get to see it through.


WOLVERINE: Over the weekend, you may have heard the sad news that Raina Telgemeier and Dave Roman’s X-MEN: MISFITS manga has been cancelled. Alas, I can confirm that the same fate awaits WOLVERINE: PRODIGAL SON.

It’s a great shame. I was very pleased with the second volume, and Wilson’s work for it was even better than for the first. And I really hoped we could take it still further; although the initial story came to a close in Volume 2, I wrote it in such a way that it left open the possibility of many more adventures for young Logan.

Unfortunately, the simple truth is that not enough people bought them. Despite WOLVERINE being praised by readers and selected for two library YA lists, despite MISFITS making it onto the New York Times bestseller list, and not least despite all the efforts of Del Rey themselves and our editors there, there just weren’t enough readers to justify the costs. This is, sadly, more common than you might think in comics.

THE BEAST: Also confirmed over the weekend was the graphic novel adaptation of FASHION BEAST, Alan Moore’s famous “lost” screenplay which he wrote in conjunction with Malcolm McLaren who planned to produce it as a film.

This isn’t a recent project. FASHION BEAST has been in production as a comic since 2003! But anyone who’s read the screenplay knows that it’s an incredibly complex and detailed work, and my script reflects that. So it’s taken us a long time to find an artist who could deal with the sheer amount of work it requires. Fortunately, Facundo is up to the task, and has already produced some fantastic pages.

Obviously, we were hoping to produce it soon, and get Malcolm on board for publicity; he was enthusiastic about the project, and there’s no question he would have enjoyed bringing his own inimitable style of rabble rousing to comics. With his sad death last week, all we can do now is try to honour his memory. RIP.


Quick round-up before the holidays…

(I’ll do a proper year in review post soon, but may not have time before the new year.)

Comic Book Resources interviewed me recently about WASTELAND, DAREDEVIL and THE COLDEST CITY. You can read it here.

WOLVERINE: PRODIGAL SON, which was shortlisted in the Texas Library Association’s Maverick YA reading recommendations, made the final list. See the full thing here.

The lovely and generous Jeff VanderMeer talks about Volume 1 of the WASTELAND Apocalyptic Edition hardback on Amazon today, with an excerpt from his introduction to the book. Read it here.

DEAD SPACE 2 has been officially announced, and a lot of people have asked me if I’m on board once more. Sadly, no, I won’t be writing this game. It hopefully won’t be my last excursion into the Dead Space universe, though…

That’s all I can talk about for now, but as always there’s a whole host of stuff bubbling under right now. Happy holidays, everyone, and remember; Santa cannot be trusted.


  • MCM Expo was great. Thanks to everyone who came out to the Comic Village, and the panels I appeared on, and especially to the many people who picked up WASTELAND for the first time. Getting there and back with my stock of books was somewhat of a pain, but definitely worth it, and I hope to return next year.
  • Next month, however, I’ll be at Thought Bubble in Leeds. The full programme for the festival is now online; I’ll have a table, plus I’m on two Saturday panels, and I’ll list it all here closer to the time.
  • WOLVERINE: PRODIGAL SON has made it onto two prestigious shortlists: The American Library Association/YALSA Great Graphic Novels for Teens, and the Texas Library Association Maverick Graphic Novels Reading List. Libraries are one of the largest and fastest-growing sectors for graphic novel reading in the USA, so this is awesome.
  • Movie news: THREE DAYS IN EUROPE has a writer attached, and F Gary Gray talks about his take on JULIUS.
  • I’ve been recruited to work on another of those ‘out of left field’ projects I seem to fall into with some regularity. This one’s a bit closer to home than most, but still quite a surprise. More details very soon, I should think.
  • Finally: my good friend Drew Gilbert — animator, traveller, artist of ROSEMARY’S BACKPACK and all round great guy — is attempting this year’s Tough Guy challenge in celebration of impending fatherhood. Drew is doing this in aid of Free Arts NYC, so he needs sponsorship, and is offering cartoon portraits for donations of $35+. Follow his training progress, and please consider helping him out.

    I’m in the middle of lots of WASTELAND stuff, so here’s a quick round-up of related news:

    — You may have seen the solicitation for WASTELAND: The Apocalyptic Edition, Volume 1 in this month’s PREVIEWS catalogue. This is a deluxe hardback edition collecting issues #1-13 in their entirety, including the Walking The Dust text pieces and a colour gallery of Ben Templesmith’s gorgeous covers. It’s 384 pages (!) and will be on sale in July.

    — WASTELAND #25, meanwhile, isn’t out yet, sorry. Turns out painting a double-length issue in full colour can take a while. Who knew? Shouldn’t be long now, though, and it’s going to look awesome.

    Renoir Comics are publishing an Italian version of WASTELAND, starting with Book 1 on sale soon (Copies are apparently on their way to me right now, so it may even launch before we get #25 out).

    Finally, there’s a new WOLVERINE: PRODIGAL SON interview available to read online, this time by Matt Price for The Oklahoman. (And the unexpurgated version is on Matt’s associated blog, Nerdage.)


    Last batch of WOLVERINE links for now, promise:

    I was interviewed on Secret Identity last week, talking mainly about Wolvie, but also WASTELAND #25 and (briefly) DEAD SPACE: EXTRACTION. I always enjoy chatting to the guys at SI, so this is probably the most relaxed interview you’ll hear me do for a while.

    Bookgasm reviewed PRODIGAL SON and gave it a big thumbs up. Their review features the words “Horde of Ninjas”, which is reason enough to give it a read.

    Finally, Newsarama did a fairly in-depth WOLVERINE interview with both me and Wilson Tortosa, the book’s artist. Which makes a nice change.


    Volume 1 of WOLVERINE: PRODIGAL SON goes on sale today, and is available from all good comic and book stores. Click here for order codes.

    In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, allow me to briefly reiterate that this is a shōnen manga reinvention of the character, completely divorced from the Marvel universe. No prior knowledge of the character, the X-Men, or any other Marvel book, is required to read and enjoy PRODIGAL SON. Promise.

    Comixology recently interviewed me about the book, and the episode is now live; click here to listen or download.

    Comic Book Bin reviewed the book and said it’s “as good as the now-classic, 1982 Chris Claremont-Frank Miller Wolverine miniseries”, awarding it an A grade. High praise indeed.

    And if none of that convinces you, judge for yourself; the entire first chapter is available to read online, exclusive to MySpace Comics.



    More pre-launch WOLVERINE news; there’s a very complimentary review of Volume 1 up on Secret Identity’s site (no permalink, but you can’t miss it as you scroll down), and a brief piece on Static Multimedia with some thoughts on the book from myself and Wilson.

    (The Q&A is PR-supplied, so you’ll see the same piece crop up in different places over the next couple of weeks, but rest assured Wilson and I wrote the answers ourselves, and we weren’t censored.)


    Something nice for the weekend: the first advance reviews of WOLVERINE: PRODIGAL SON are in, at ICV2 and Bookrastination (Also, bonus: both reviewers spelt my name correctly. Wonders will never cease).


    So apart from my Superbowl musings, I’ve been quiet the past few weeks. Why? A simple combination of lots of work, not attending NYCC (but wishing I could have, as by all accounts it was pretty great), and not having anything on sale just yet (WASTELAND #24 is delayed slightly, should be out in a week or two).

    So what’s all this work? Well, WASTELAND #26 for one thing. That may sound perilously close, but painting (yes, painting) #25 in full colour is going to keep Chris busy for a while, and the rest of the arc will be much easier for me than this opening issue (no, it’s not another Sand-Eater issue! You’ll understand when you see it).

    I’m also into the second half of WOLVERINE Vol. 2, which I’m told was well-anticipated by the NYCC crowd. I’m glad to hear it, obviously, but there’s one thing I want to make clear. According to the most comprehensive report of the Del Rey panel I’ve yet seen, WOLVERINE was touted as “featur[ing] a young, untamed Logan before he got claws.”

    Now, I have no idea if that’s a direct quote from somebody at Del Rey, or the reporter paraphrasing and/or assuming, but, uh, it’s not true. He has his claws popped right there on the cover, for goodness’ sake. One thing that I’ve seen mentioned is true, however; this isn’t the Wolverine you know, and requires absolutely no knowledge of Marvel characters or continuity to enjoy. I promise.

    Finally, I’m working on a couple of Super Seekrit things, as is so often the case. One of them is taking up a great deal of time; the other is a pitch for a series that, if it sells, will take up a great deal of time in the future. Fun!

    And I leave you with this blow-by-blow account of that Steelers drive. Awesome.


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