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About Antony

The Short Version

Antony Johnston is an award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of graphic novels, video games, and books, with titles including Wasteland, The Fuse, Daredevil, Shadow of Mordor, The Coldest City, Dead Space, ZombiU, and more.

He has also adapted books by bestselling novelist Anthony Horowitz, collaborated with comics legend Alan Moore, and reinvented Marvel's flagship character Wolverine for manga.

Antony's work has been translated throughout the world, and optioned for film and television. He lives in England.

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The Long Version

Antony was born in Birmingham, England and raised in Redditch, a town just outside the city. One of his earliest memories is of his father reading a copy of British kid's comic THE BEANO to him when he was four years old. Antony, that is, not his father.

This first encounter with comics led to an unhealthily long obsession with the medium as Antony moved from THE BEANO and WHIZZER & CHIPS to SCREAM, BATTLE, the 1980s incarnation of EAGLE and, perhaps inevitably, 2000AD. These fostered an interest in fantasy and science fiction, and making up his own stories. In turn, this led to an adolescent interest in role-playing games such as DUNGEONS & DRAGONS and Games Workshop's WARHAMMER games.

Not long into this period Antony discovered alcohol, girls, and The Sisters Of Mercy, at which point the comics and role-playing games were thrown unceremoniously on the back seat. Everything in his wardrobe that wasn't black was just thrown. Plus ça change.

Later, a friend recommended he read a new American comic called THE SANDMAN because one of the characters bore a strong resemblance to Patricia Morrison. Soon after, White Wolf's VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE was released. Antony succumbed to these heavy-handed hints from the cosmos, and was soon immersed once again in the nefarious worlds of comics and role-playing.

The next few years were filled with drugs, alcohol, sex, tattoos, piercings, heavy metal, and sleeping on trains across Europe. Yes, they were thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks for asking.

By 1998, Antony was a graphic designer of some years' experience and had written magazine articles on role-playing games, though the comics had once again been all but forgotten. While working as a magazine designer, he also drew on his experience with karate and tai chi to write the martial arts supplement THE KESTRELS: BECOMING FIRE for the PROVIDENCE role-playing game.

Antony soon realised that what really interested him about role-playing games was the worldbuilding and storytelling. Frankly, all that rules malarky was a bit dull. Simultaneously, he read an advance copy of Titan Books' WRITERS ON COMICS SCRIPTWRITING, and was reminded by the irreverent eloquence of some familiar British names just what it was he used to enjoy about comics.

In 1999, a mere 20 years after first deciding he wanted to write stories, Antony finally got round to it. He has made up for this slow start by being rather prolific.

Last updated May 2015.