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Press and Retailer Materials

If you are a member of the press or a comics retailer, this page will help guide you to resources and materials for my books.

Interviews, PR Requests, Author Photos

Interview requests concerning corporate-owned properties (superhero comics, videogames, etc) should go through the relevant publisher's PR department. I can't talk to you without their consent.

For all other interview requests, please email this address.

Official bio: click here. Feel free to copy and paste the 'short version' from that page.

Author photos: click here.

Appearances, Signings, Store Support

I regularly attend comic and pop culture conventions; and support stores with appearances, signings, and bookplates. I especially enjoy sitting in on comic store book clubs, whether in person or via Skype video.

If you're a convention organizer or retailer, and want to invite me to attend an event or take part in a promotion, you can email me directly.

Please note that I live in England, so personal appearances outside the UK require a certain amount of lead time.

Review Copies, Covers, Artwork

Please contact the relevant publisher's PR department for review copies, hi-res cover images, etc. Information on publishers, and cover images suitable for web use, can be found on each title's page.