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Frequently Asked Questions
Things You Might Want To Know


• Will there ever be any more WASTELAND now that the series is completed? A spinoff book, perhaps?

All things are possible, and never say never. But there are currently no plans to do so.

• How come the WASTELAND collections are missing some issues?

They're not, we just collected them differently.

The “interlude” issues were a way to give the series artist a break (We didn't use separate pencillers/inkers/toners on WASTELAND; the artist did all of that themselves, every issue). Each interlude issue featured a guest artist, and told a standalone story from elsewhere (and often elsewhen) in the world of WASTELAND.

We therefore decided to publish those issues in their own anthology-style collections; Book 05, Tales of the Uninvited and Book 10, Last Exit for the Lost (which also collects the Walking the Dust text stories). If you're reading WASTELAND in hardcovers, you'll find the interlude stories at the back of those volumes, after the main story.


• Can I send you my script/idea/pitch/concept/unpublished comic to read?

SORRY, BUT NO. And if you do email such things to me, I will delete them immediately without reading them. There are complicated legal issues around reading unpublished material, and in our increasingly litigious world it's a risk I can't take.

If, on the other hand, you have something published (even self-published) that you want me to read, that's fine. Just find me at a convention and hand it over.

• Can you send me one of your scripts?

I can do better than that — download one for yourself.

• Can you send me one of your pitches?

No, sorry. And honestly, it probably wouldn't be much use to you. My pitches are often five times longer than they should be, and different editors will have different preferences for style of pitch anyway. If you want to see what a pitch looks like because you're submitting to an editor, the best thing you can do is ask that editor for a sample of one they consider to be ideal, and follow its format as closely as possible.

• What's your writing process?

There's a very detailed overview of my process in the Articles section.

• What writing software do you use?

Scrivener, Final Draft and Aeon Timeline, all on a Mac. For links to these programs and template downloads, visit the Setup and Sample Scripts pages.

To see exactly how I use Scrivener to write comics, go here.

Signings & Appearances

• What can I bring for you to sign?

Anything at all — so long as it's something I worked on, of course! It doesn't matter which store I'm in, which publisher's booth I'm sitting at, or whatever. If I'm there to sign things, that's what I'll do. You can bring anything you like.

• Even videogames?

Yes, even videogames. I've signed a lot of DEAD SPACE case inlays over the years.

• Do you charge for signatures?

No, never.

• What about for photographs?

As far as I'm concerned, they're free. But sometimes that's controlled by the venue, not me, and in those cases there's little I can do about it.

• I've got a lot of stuff for you to sign. Like, a lot.

Awesome! I don't have a maximum item limit, or restriction. Although, if you bring a big stack of books and there's a long line of people behind you, I may ask you to split your collection into several smaller stacks. I'll then sign the first stack, and you can get back in line for the others, so that everyone else gets a fair shot.


• Can I be on Unjustly Maligned? I want to defend [X]!

Possibly. Email the show with a short note explaining why you think you'd be a good guest, and what you want to talk about. There's no formal application process, and so far, every guest on the show has been someone I specifically invited. But there's a first time for everything, and you might get lucky.


• That's not really how you spell your name, is it? That's a typo at the top of the page, right?

“Antony”, with no 'h', is my birth name and the correct spelling. It's really not that unusual, especially in England, and I am constantly bemused by people who think I misspell my own name. I am even more bewildered by people who link to this site with the correct URL, but spell my name wrong in the text of the very same link.

• Where can I read that 'Writing with GTD' blog post? Search won't find it!

It's not a blog post. To read Getting Things Written, the article Merlin Mann called “A thoughtful, complete, and coherent GTD-based workflow [and] an excellent read”, visit the Articles section.

• How about that band Antony & the Johnsons? Have you heard of them? How funny is that?!

Le sigh.

Last updated May 2015