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Unjustly Maligned

Known as 'The show for people who go against the grain', UNJUSTLY MALIGNED is a show in which Antony invites a guest to talk about something they love, that other people... don't.

“A neat idea for a podcast... it's the essential unfairness of the premise that makes these conversations spark.”
The Guardian

Thrash It Out

Antony and co-host Brian LeTendre — both lifelong heavy metal fans — take it in turns to make the other listen to a metal album they may not be familiar with, and then they argue about it.

The Incomparable

In addition to publishing UNJUSTLY MALIGNED on the Incomparable network, Antony also makes occasional appearances on the network's other shows as a panelist and guest host.

The Incomparable Game Show

Antony can also frequently be heard on The Incomparable's “Game Show”, where panelists host and play quizzes, board games, and more for the listeners' entertainment.