Antony Johnston
Award-winning New York Times bestseller
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The Dog Sitter Detective
Murder mysteries... with dogs!

“A country house, a body in the library, a cast of dodgy wedding guests, and a prickly, dog-loving sleuth... Simply delightful!”
Vaseem Khan

Meet Gwinny, an unlikely bloodhound, and her four-legged friends determined to dig up the truth.

Penniless Gwinny Tuffel is delighted to attend her good friend Tina’s upmarket wedding. But when the big day ends with a dead body and not a happily-ever-after, Gwinny is left with a situation as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. When her friend is accused of murder, Gwinny takes it upon herself to sniff out the true culprit. With a collection of larger-than-life suspects and two pedigree salukis in tow, she is set to have a ruff time of it!

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The Dog Sitter Detective Takes the Lead
A new tail-wagging mystery for Gwinny and her canine friends!

“Warm, witty, and wildly entertaining”
Katy Watson

Gwinny Tuffel is preparing for her first acting role in a decade in the West End, but she is still dog-sitting on the side to keep the wolf from the door. So, when ageing rock star Crash Double needs help with his Border Collie, she jumps at the chance. After all, looking after the charming Ace on Crash's Little Venice houseboat shouldn't be an onerous task. But that's before the singer's dead body surfaces during the annual Canal Carnival festivities.

While the police dismiss the death as an accident, Gwinny suspects murder most foul. With a medley of suspects and some far-fetched motives to make heads or tails of, it is up to Gwinny, with Ace's on the ground knowledge, to make sure the killer faces the music!

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The Exphoria Code
Fast-paced spy thrillers ripped from the headlines

“Possibly the definitive espionage thriller of the early 21st century”
Alan Moore


MI6 cyber-analyst Brigitte Sharp has been deskbound for three years after her very first field op went badly wrong. But when her best friend is murdered in connection to a series of strange internet posts, Bridge must infiltrate a top secret military project to root out the killer. There she learns that the truth behind the Exphoria code is worse than anyone imagined, and soon Bridge is on the run as a deadly terrorist plot unfolds...

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The Organised Writer
A productivity guide for writers

“The Marie Kondo of writing”
Linda Stratmann

A productivity system designed for writers, by a writer.

The Organised Writer outlines Antony's own methods and processes for getting work done and juggling multiple projects, after more than a decade of real-world use. Written in a conversational and page-turning style, The Organised Writer is a practical and focused approach to writing for every author who wishes they could take control of their workload.

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Atomic Blonde
The original graphic novel

“Johnston masterfully draws the story to a height, tension and speed rising... brilliantly and subtly done”
The AV Club

Originally published as The Coldest City, this is the graphic novel that became a $100 million box-office movie starring Charlize Theron.

November 1989. Communism is collapsing, and the Berlin Wall is about to fall. But first, MI6 officer Lorraine Broughton must retrieve a list of spies before it falls into the wrong hands. She walks into a powderkeg of social unrest, counter-espionage, defections gone bad and secret assassinations... and nothing is what it seems.

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